The theme for the 2024 summit, ” Empowering Africa’s Future: Shaping the Next Generation of Responsible Businesses,” resonates with the pressing need to address key areas such as economic growth, sustainable futures, entrepreneurship, climate action, technology and gender equality.

More specifically, the summit aims to highlight the integration of Shared Value principles with ESG initiatives, fostering economic transformation in Africa. Through sustainability and shared value, businesses have the opportunity to play a central role in driving economic growth and social progress, making significant strides towards a prosperous and equitable African future.

Economic Growth


Entrepreneurial Development


Advancedd Gender Equality

Gender Equality

Sustainable Business Practice

Business Practice

Economic Growth

Africa has a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit and a vast potential for economic growth. However, this growth often doesn’t reach all layers of society.Shared value initiatives can bridge this gap by aligning sustainable business success with societal development, creating a ripple effect that could lead to more inclusive economic growth. The focus will be on how ESG and shared value practices can drive economic development in Africa while addressing societal and digital divide challenges. Discussions will include inclusive and sustainable business models, circular economies, and promoting intra-Africa trade through responsible and ethical business practices.


  • Inclusive business models
  • Sustainable agriculutre
  • Circular economies
  • Digital connectivity
  • Intra-Africa trade

Entrepreneurial Development

Empowering and developing entrepreneurship is essential for Africa’s progress. This focus area delves into the role of entrepreneurship in driving Africa&amp’s economic and social growth, emphasising areas for support, development, and expansion. It assesses the challenges and prospects for African entrepreneurs, with a focus on skill enhancement, technology use for opening up cross-border trade, and fostering shared value and sustainable development. We explore key points including digital transformation and skills development, promoting sustainable business and social entrepreneurship, improving access to capital and funding opportunities, utilising technology for enhanced collaboration, and building cross-border partnerships and networks.


  • Digital transformation and skills development
  • Sustainable business and social entrepreneurship
  • Access to capital and funding opportunities
  • Leveraging technology for collaboration
  • Building cross-border partnerships and networks

Advancing Gender Equality

In Africa, advancing gender equality is not only a cultural and social imperative but also a key to resilient and inclusive communities. This focus area will examine gender equality’s role in achieving shared value and sustainable development, emphasizing how gender-inclusive policies and practices contribute to a company’s social responsibility and governance. We will explore strategies for women’s economic empowerment, closing gender gaps, and addressing gender-based violence, with a specific focus on supporting women entrepreneurs. The discussion will also include proactive strategies for enhancing women’s participation in the workforce, aligning with SDG 5 and broader development goals.


  • Women’s economic empowerment
  • Closing gender gaps in education and health
  • Tackling gender-based violence
  • Supporting women entrepreneurs

Sustainable Business Practices

In Africa, integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into business models is key for sustainable development. This focus area addresses how businesses can innovate while adhering to shared value and ESG principles, fostering long-term environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical governance. Emphasis will be on innovative strategies that align with ESG criteria, such as renewable energy use, waste reduction, and ethical supply chain management. We will explore how these practices open new markets and drive sustainable economic growth. Discussions will include how ESG-focused innovation can contribute to broader goals like combating climate change, promoting social equity, and ensuring transparent, accountable corporate governance.


  • Implementing renewable energy and sustainable resource management
  • Corporate governance and accountability
  • Aligning with global ESG standards and frameworks
  • ESG as a driver for new market opportunities and investor attractiveness
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