Why are the UN SDGs Important?

Seventy-one years ago, the United Nations was founded to herald a new era of peace, dialogue and international cooperation. It underpins everything the organisation strives to do, always striving to make the world a better, more harmonious place. To this day, this goal remains the foundation of the UN, as codified in the Charter of the United Nations.


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In September 2015, 17 new UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted in collaboration with government representatives from around the world. One of the benefits of the SDGs is that for the first time, the world has a universal set of goals, so individual countries can align with the global effort.  The 17 SDGs have 169 associated targets, and any organisation can address one or more of these goals in their strategy, no matter where in the world they are.


The SDGs form part of the Shift Social Development DNA: we believe that through the implementation of Shared Value, these goals can be achieved. These goals give businesses a tangible target to include as part of their overall strategy to address the inequalities in our society. Organisations are obligated to contribute positively to the societies in which they operate – how better to do it than to address one or more of the SDGs?

The UN Sustainable Development Goals connect social, economic and environmental challenges that need to be addressed in order to empower all. A shift towards a strategy of profit with purpose, with the focus on the SDGs, is vital to bring about the change that is needed to create a better world.



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